Monday, February 18, 2013

Preschool Language Skills Center Setup (plus) Presidents Day Sale and Coupon Code

Right now at the end of my son's first preschool year we are working on sounding out consonant/vowel/consonant sound combinations for simple sight words (like bus). We have a very simple language center (it fits in a drawer of a chest I've repurposed in the play room). It needs some refreshing as he is getting to be near 4. I've been using flash cards but his interest level is really low with that- he needs manipulatives so we are switching to the products below-- Lots of handmade goodies can be included in your center as well. Don't forget our favorite game- I Spy The Letter "A". Just cut out a large letter from construction paper or play foam that you are studying that week and "hide" it to find according to the skill level of your child. At first we were hiding in plain sight- on the front of a bookshelf or on the arm of the couch and we have moved into harder locations. We "hide our eyes" and count to 10 and then try to "Find the Letter....". Hilarious giggling and fervent participation is a guarantee with this game.

We are also stocking up on the Phonics Flipper from DSC (It is 15% off right now with coupon code PRES2013 making it just $10. It's sturdy and fun for the kids to match the picture with the sound. Right now he still needs a little help and his independent play focuses on the pictures but when we sit together I can see that little learning light turn on ;) The consonant/vowel/consonant combo right now is perfect for his level.

We are also looking into getting some more felt stories for our felt board. We love telling stories this way as my little guy is definitely a hands-on learner. The thing I love about DSC felt stories is that they include the words! I've never seen another felt story maker include those and it's so important to start associating the written word with the picture they already know. It's a very cool combo.

Alphabet Soup may be our big spring splurge. We don't have this yet but I can imagine all of the fun we would have including this one in our kitchen set and sit-down activities. This set is 209 pieces and includes 26 letter-labeled soup cans. Each can holds corresponding upper- and lowercase letters, plus 5 photo cards showing an object with the same beginning letter on one side and a word label on the other. Can you imagine? I'm running up the tally of games and activities we could have with this set in my head- super awesome sorting combo. I may have to jump on it at 20% off (through 2/20/13 with coupon code PRES2013).

There are others- but these are my picks to create your own Pre-K language center at home.

You can find the rest of the language center items (over 100 items) at the link below. The sake runs through the 20th. Now is the time to stock up on your sight words and building sound items for your at-home language center. Want the goods?
President's Day Sale - Save 15% Off Select Language Items Now At! Use Code: PRES2013

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