Monday, June 25, 2012

School Discounts- Home School and the Road to More Crazy

So we have made the decision to home school our oldest child (with a preschooler already at home- I know, I'm crazy) so I'm collecting all of these fun things to looks at converting a formal dining room which gets used probably less than once a year into our homeschool center. There are so many great ideas out there on Pinterest- my head is spinning!

Did I mention a discount in the title? Yes- click below and get 110% guaranteed prices on school supplies plus through today (6/25) take an extra 10% off dramatic play. Hold a summer show- infuse creative play with fun outfits and costumes!. You can't beat that!

Take an additional 10% Off dramatic play items. Use code: DRAMATIC at checkout. Offer ends June 25,

How have you organized your play rooms and what ideas do you have when there is a wide age span? Let me know! And look for great lapbook cut outs and new manipulatives coming out of the studio as I get my designs in motion!

Check out my pinterest board on great homeschool and play space:
Let me know if you have additional suggestions to add to the board or some great budget-saver ideas for transforming a room into an orderly but creative and fun learning space.

Now to check off some more to-do list items- I'm also going to get an Usbourne book order in and stock up on all of those school supplies. Get out and Play!

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