Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Salt Paint-- Pre-School Recipe Series

Pre-School Recipe Series- Each week (for a while) I'll be posting a recipe to use for pre-school. We will cover everything from puffy paint to goop and everything in between. Chances are you have many of these ingredients hiding in your cupboard so drag them out and use up an afternoon having fun with your hands!
Here is another recipe requiring tempura paint and liquid starch- neither of which I seem to keep stocked in the craft and cleaning supply cabinets. Still- both are inexpensive and easy to find ingredients. Salt paint has a really neat effect once dry so it may be worth the extra aisle when you are shopping. This is also a great receipe to use when building models- salt paint is a favorite to use when painting mountain ranges and ocean views ;)

Salt Paint 

1/8 cup liquid starch 
1/8 cup water 
¼ cup salt 
1 tablespoon tempera paint 

Mix together and apply to paper with a brush. Keep 
stirring mixture. Paint will crystallize as it dries.

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