Monday, April 9, 2012

Handprints- iPad Personalized Laser Engraving

We worked up a personalized iPad engraving this weekend for a friend. The best setting we found and used was at 100% speed and 40% power at 600 dpi. I scanned in the handprints and had them write their names on a separate sheet. Then I scanned in and rearranged the pieces into an iPad layout and double checked to make sure the handprints were life-sized. Then we arranged the names they wrote (big brother helped translate the little bro's handwriting). I was really happy to see the details of the handprints come through in the engraving. I know there is a proud dad out there with a new reason to love his iPad.


  1. That is very personalized! I like how the handprints appear very natural. It looks like the iPad was vandalized by kids. Haha! I love this idea. Kudos on successfully engraving this masterpiece! ->Pa Byars

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