Sunday, January 22, 2012

CPSC Continued: General Compliance Certificate

Just a short update- I'm working on my "GCC" or General Compliance certificate for the lead content in my toys. I have contacted my vendor for information on coatings and have contacted their vendor for coatings. Luckily most of the information is online in environmental data sheets. I already knew (and I knew this without the law needing to interfere) that I'm selling safe lead-free toys. I only use North American wood products- no imports. The coatings are all industry standard- no weird imports or unknowns. The only trouble left is tracking all of the data down. Hopefully they will get back to me tomorrow- then all I need to do is store the data and point to it on my GCC. The CPSC on has a sample GCC although in my opinion it was kind of a waste of their time to put that up there as it doesn't say much. I'd like to see a completed one (even if about a fake company) so I can have some context.

Want to know more? This post continues the CPSC CPSIA discussion from previous posts.

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