Friday, September 2, 2011

Random Question: What Title Do You Give Yourself?

Today's pondering is on the topic of business title. At my desk job I had a title handed to me. That made it a little easier becuase they also printed your business cards so I supposed you have to choice in the matter. Owning your own small business you get a choice. All of a sudden you are staring at that screen when you are drafting your card and it says "Title" and you draw a blank. You know it's not cute to call yourself "CEO" and "Owner" sounds like you own a hardware store. Today on Etsy Fort Worth, a fellow crafter calls herself the "Laugher In Chief". I think that's neat. One business card of mine says "In Charge of What's Next" the ones I have now are just blank for title. I suppose I couldn't expend creativity that day for a new title. What is your title or what would it be if you were suddenly left in charge of your own little destiny (or at least in charge of your spare time.) Let me know...

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