Friday, August 5, 2011

Ponoko Showroom Opened- New Toddler Stool Design

So super excited- I designed a toddler stool due to a need to have a few for low cost. I'm facinated by flat-pack furniture and designs so I thought I'd try my hand at making a stool of my own. I needed a stool design for a table we just put in the playroom. Anyway- I've made it available for sharing!
Ok so I'm a super geek- I've opened up a Ponoko Showroom for some of my designs- this allows you to take the design files and use them for yourself. I hope to open soon a create and make shop (some options are already available on the website) that allow you to design and send me files for me to make for you. By doing the design on your own- it saves you tons of cash because I don't have to charge for the design time- I just find the materials and apply your design files to it. It's like owning your own laser engraver. Anyway- check out our new Ponoko showroom. Right now you can download my new toddler stool design, have Ponoko make it, or modify it and send it back to me for me to create one for you!

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