Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuesday Triumph: Improved Oil Can

Continuing our Tuesday Triumph series I have another new old invention to share. Each Tuesday… at least we have for a while now- presented an early 1900's invention pulled from patent applications that were shared in old World’s Advance magazines (later became Popular Science).
Inventions remind us to stay clever and innovative. I recently finished a few Sherlock Holmes novels and I imagine those early 1900's times as being full of opportunity for the next inventor. Perhaps in our old age we will look back on this time as being full of possibilities as well. I think the innovative creativity can still inspire us today, so please enjoy this Tuesday’s Triumph: Improved Oil Can as published by the New York Modern Pub. Co. in Vol. 30  of the World’s Advance (1915).

Improved Oil Can

“The improving of the usual type of oil can is the subject of a patent granted to an lowan inventor. The improved oil can is fitted with a flexible bottom as in the instance of the conventional type, but in addition a powerful spiral spring is fitted within the can to return the bottom to its normal shape after it has been pressed. By employing this design it is possible to give the flexible bottom a greater contour and therefore facilitate the application of oil with such a can.”

I can see this making it a one-handed operation. I never thought of it before- but I suppose a rigid can would just drip and probably not evenly. I suppose now oil comes in sprays or tubes for easier application. Still a bright red oil can would be more fun to use. I think one of these would make it easier for me to apply the tung oil for some projects since I only need a super thin coat. Maybe if the applicator were skinny and flat.... hmmmm.... 

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