Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Too Much Fun! Grillmaster Dad- BBQ Set

I had a lot of fun making this BBQ set for a fun engineer. I engraved all of the handles with a fun saying like "Caution: Excessive Force May Cause Compression Failure" on the tongs.... and "Caution: Overloading My Cause Adverse Beam Deflection" on the spatula. Tickled me pink. I'd love to do some for other professions. I can think of lots of sayings for a teacher or another type of engineer- let me know if I can do a custom BBQ set for you. The front of the set is engraved with a custom layout- this one was for a self-proclaimed rocket scientist so he got rockets- or missiles to be more precise. The set comes with tongs, a spatula, and a pokey fork thing all set in a wooden box. Unfortunately- this one with a box handle and clasps has been discontinued- I hope I can get more soon. In the meantime I have a set that is similar with a pine box and three tools here:

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