Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Heartsy.Me Insanity

Well I'm in the middle of some Heartsy insanity. Have any of you ever done a voucher? I obviously had no idea what I was getting myself into! I hope to write a review on the experience if I can ever catch my breath. Suffice it to say-  it was not what I expected. I've now sold 88 vouchers for shop goodies and of course about 30 of them came in to fulfill orders in the first day. When you make mostly personalized and custom items, that's a lot of stuff I'm looking at that I can't pull off a shelf somewhere. Sometimes you don't know whether it would be better to prepare but be left with stuff that didn't sell or take the wait and see approach so that you buy the material you need and not have 5 cases of clear acrylic sitting for months- oh wait that's another story. I'm going to need several pots of good tea to get me through this! I would love any tips on staying organized through the chaos to getting so many orders out without forgetting one, sending something out so someone who hasn't paid, and spending time creating rather than time organizing the stuff you need to do on the computer while you look at a pile or orders that you need to get started on. Speaking of which- I need to get a move on. My son is sleeping in this morning (an unusual occurrence) so I had a surprise opening of 5 blogging minutes. I'm going to close my eyes and imagine a virtual self flailing arms and screaming "Mercy!" all over the house. (It's safer than scaring the children and doing it in real life.)

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