Friday, July 29, 2011

Give a Little, Get a Little

Well I think I've posted before on my thoughts on giveaways. Especially for business related stuff. I think I get a request a week to give something to someone for some reason. Some of them are charity related but not all- some are shop promos or promises that later I can ask them for something. Sometimes it's for trades of stuff for stuff. I've caved a few times- mainly so I can get some exposure and try something new. I'm never sure what the response will me. Sometimes, but rarely, it translates into a sale down the line although not usually. Mostly people want the free stuff and then it's on to... I don't know- maybe someone else's free stuff. Once I even got a request to donate to support an animal shelter 5 states away. I love animals- and all of mine have been rescues or shelter pups- but it's a stretch to provide material goods that take me a week to make to support a hometown cause for someone else's hometown.

 Anyway- I'm picky about what I choose to "donate" to. You need to know the traffic that site gets, whether or not the charity mentioned is really getting any benefit. For personal donations- I like to check things out on that front too. I use Charity Navigator to check out charities and their health and financial rating. It's frustrating when you donate your funds to "help" and then find out 50% of what you gave goes to some sort of "administrative expense". My darling daughter today had her hair cut very short and wanted to donate the hair she cut- we haven't decided where to donate to. I've check out Locks of LoveWigs for Kids and also Beautiful Lengths. Anyone with experience with any of these? Beautiful lengths accepts hair 8" and longer. Locks of Love requires hair to be at least 10 inches in length and Wigs for Kids needs 12 inches or longer. I'm leaning towards Beautiful Lengths because of their direct partnership and distribution through the American Cancer Society. Hmmmm.... So far she's super happy with her new look and she feels great about her hair getting to help someone in need so in this case- it's great giveaway... :) Maybe I'll have to make her something to complement her sweet giving nature.

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