Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Product Coming... Shhhh!

For all you happy blog travelers out there- I have a preview just for you. (Well I might also post to Facebook but you will still be first.)
I actually got to sit down today and try out something new. I've passed by that long aisle at the craft store buzzing with all of this beads and jewelry stuff and for the life of me- I'll just say the whole aisle is overwhelming. I'm a simple girl- I don't wear a lot of jewelry anyway and the beads thing is beyond my understanding. I think it looks great but I don't feel like I'm grown up enough to wear it. Well- I screwed up my forehead in concentration the other day and ventured down the aisle (just for looksies). Well I popped a few things the basket with the hope that maybe I could make something for Sima Design.
Anyway- so here's a preview of the first pass. We took some jewelry chain with tiny little loops and cut to the size my daughter wanted. We quickly figured out that we had no idea what we were doing. I didn't have any fitting or clasp or "jumping ring" (according to my daughter becuase they jump around when you try and grab one) or whatever to attach. Luckily I had purchased two different chain types I we selected and cut another that had a larger loop part to connect to. Then I reached in that bag of jewelry fittings and clasps and things and I made my very own jewelry chain (actually two). My daughter helped figure out what a jump ring was there for. We were very proud of ourselves.

I cut some monogram charms or pendants (or what should I call these, anyway says the girl that doesn't wear jewelry) using some wicked cool fonts out of solid cherry hardwood. I tried to use my "jumping rings" but they are too small to fit given the thickness of the wood. I have the option of using a super-thinstock in 1/8 inch which I think will be too flimsy or find bigger jump rings so it will be off to the craft store once again. Anyway- here's a preview of the charm/pendant we hope to attach. I think we will offer it alone or with a chain... what do you think??

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