Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday Triumph: Drawing Board Support

Continuing our Tuesday Triumph series I have another new old invention to share. Each Tuesday… at least we have for a while now and mostly when I remember- presented an early 1900's invention pulled from patent applications that were shared in old World’s Advance magazines (later became Popular Science).
Inventions remind us to stay clever and innovative. I recently finished a few Sherlock Holmes novels and I imagine those early 1900's times as being full of opportunity for the next inventor. Perhaps in our old age we will look back on this time as being full of possibilities as well. I think the innovative creativity can still inspire us today, so please enjoy this Tuesday’s Triumph: Drawing Board Support as published by the New York Modern Pub. Co. in Vol. 30  of the World’s Advance (1915).

Drawing Board Support

“A convenient drawing board support has been patented by a Chicago inventor and is illustrated in one of the accompanying sketches. It is so designed that it may be fastened to any table. Suitable hooks hold the bottom of the drawing board, which rests against the rear support. The angle at which the drawing board is held may be altered at will. The device is made to fold up completely so that it may be easily carried about.”

I think this is quite clever. It would be more secure than a foldable table-top easel. I can just imagine artists bring thier drawing boards in to Starbucks instead of a laptop. I think I would use mine on a picnic table out at the park by the lake on a lazy weekday. Outside inspiration always gets me relaxed and creative. Wishing I had one... maybe I'll have to make one.

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