Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday Triumph: A Bicycle Boat

Today I'm inspired by a paddling trail that has just opened nearby. I have missed kayaking around like I used to in Austin, TX. Ah- if only I had a Bicycle Boat!
Continuing our Tuesday Triumph series I have another new old invention to share. Each Tuesday… at least we have for a while now- we have presented an early 1900's invention pulled from patent applications that were shared in old World’s Advance magazines (later became Popular Science).
Inventions remind us to stay clever and innovative. I recently finished a few Sherlock Holmes novels and I imagine those early 1900's times as being full of opportunity for the next inventor. Perhaps in our old age we will look back on this time as being full of possibilities as well. I think the innovative creativity can still inspire us today, so please enjoy this Tuesday’s Triumph: A Bicycle Boat as published by the New York Modern Pub. Co. in Vol. 30 of the World’s Advance (1915).

A Bicycle Boat

“While numerous bicycle boats have been patented in the past, the one just patented by a Philadelphia inventor has several interesting features. His craft has the usual bicycle frame. In the rear it is fitted with two floats between which is placed a propeller driven by a shaft drive from the pedals. In the front, directly below and operated by the handle bars, is another float that is utilized to steer the water vehicle.”

I can't see this being very stable. It looks a little top heavy actually. I think I'll stick to the kayak. :)

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