Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Create Your Own Shipping Envelope

Ok- so I posted a rant a while ago about how expensive it was to buy silly paper envelopes at the office supply store. All an envelope consists of is a sheet of paper folded up with some glue. Why should they cost so much more than paper? I was so stirred up I threatened to make my own. I also promised I would provide the file. Now ain't that grand? Here are my first results- I am pretty happy with it. I used 50 lb weight kraft paper from Amazon which I use for other things anyway (kid's crafts, shipping, wrapping, etc. The weight is really great It is tear resistant and is really a better quality paper than the latest shipping envelopes I purchased. This was a last minute design in reaponse to buyer feedback that my envelope had ripped and the product was missing. Well that wasn't worth the money either way!
I do need to go get some passte glue to attach the tabs. Since this was on a whim and in a fury, I used shipping tape. Here are the results:
The paper in the engraver. You can also just use scissors. I'm just fancy ;)

Results on two different sizes. The file included below scales to whatever.

Fold the side tabs in first. You will need to attached them backwards like to the envelope but for now- just get the folds in there.

Fold it over and note where you will have to add tape. Get this part lined up really nice so you have fold lines to guide you in putting tape or paste glue on.

Fold the top over. I made it fancy schmancy looking for some flair.

Unfold and add your paste glue or tape. I was in a rush so tape it is.

All ready to use for shipping! I added tape along all sides for extra protection. It's probably not needed. I may mail myself one from a future trip to see how it survives the USPS treatment.

Here's the file. Click to enlarge and then right-click to download. You can scale as needed. The envelope will measure about 1/3 of the height by the width of your scale. Cut out and ship away! If you don't have fancy paper, you can double up or get some from the kid's craft closet.

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