Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wedding Cake Topper Part 7- The Finale

I'm just jumping up and down- too excited. We are all done with our wedding cake topper! If you are just tuning in we have been putting together a wedding cake topper from thinstock hardwoods. It has involved much patience on my part (and probably my customer's part too). The hardwood finishing was done in multiple coats of tung oil. Look up our older sections to see it all coming together!

Ok last episode our groom was still needing some cosmetic updating to his shirt. We want him paired to his bride and needed to paint her shirt to match. I think he's ready to go in for his final detailing!
Groom Silhouette Ready for Final Detailing
I think he looks pretty suave. The final engraving will burn out the paint from the lapels of the shirt and give some definition to the neckline.
Mr. Suave Himself- Yes that's a made up name. Suave.. as in Rico?
I think he came out looking quite lovely.
Now it is time to focus on the base. I had worked out the spacing, depth, separation and positioning with the help of my handy calipers yesterday. All I needed to do was finish a slice of wood with a clear coat and make the cuts. The customer wanted the wood base to be in a natural finish. The option is open to paint later or to change the base out entirely with a different shape.
Wedding Cake Topper Base Final Cut
I did include some quarter inch diameter circles in the base. Typically the cake decorator or florist will set the topper up on the cake. If it's wobbly or if they are worried about it being unstable they will be able to use dowel rods from their stock they typically carry around to set things in cakes. This way they will have access. I placed them either behind existing layer connections or where I didn't think they'd be seen I will be including some floral pins just in case the day arrives and dowel rods are nowhere to be seen!
Top Shot Showing Dowel Rod Access
Now on to the final shots- I had a blast creating this to go with the bride's theme. I hope the wedding is a smashing success!
Beautiful Couple At Last
Three Layer Cake Topper

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