Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wedding Cake Topper Part 6

Hullo- we are on Part 6 of our wedding Cake Topper. The topper is really beginning to take shape. This is the scary part for me because no matter how I proofed or double checked or crossed my fingers- there is an error lurking out there ready and waiting.
Finished Board Prior to Final Cut

I started the silhouette couple yesterday and just took it really really slow. I would do silly things like delete everything on the page except for one thing and run it one engraving section at a time. The good thing about this machine is that it is so precise- I can do that and if I told it to do a job again- it would trace exactly what it did the first time.

So our couple came out fantastically
First Run- Bride and Groom
 We still have a few updates for our groom. I will go in and add the shirt definition and paint her shirt to match the bride.

Now I change the title of the posting to - Stupid Mistakes I Can Make So You Don't Have To.
Here is what I should have done: Do a vector print job with the laser power at 0%- that way it will go through the motions without affecting the piece at all. My slice of wood was so precisely measured for this particular need that I had absolutely no room for error. So I erred. I put the not quite square piece in the engraver and just pushed that silly go button. Now the feet tabs I had elongated to make sure it would press through and into the base layer are short. I either mis-measured or put the board in sideways. I will still try it out on the base but if it's not solidly standing on its own, I may have to redo this one. Poop. That's what I say to that! Hopefully the original tab lengths are sufficient.

On to mistake number two. Remember that nice silhouette of a couple? My intent was to have them with their hands circling back behind each others waist. What I did so I could get them to fit on a single 5" wide piece of ash was to separate them with the intent to put them back together. This would also provide visual interest because the arms would interlink and there would be a slight step between the two. My hardwood choice to go a little thicker on the wood for strength and durability has presented an issue. I can get one arm to link back but not the other without risk of breakage. It's causing me to have to redo the base design as shown below. I think it will still provide the visual aspects I was going for- they will just be a little less overlapped and the groom will need to be offset by the width of the bride.
Fix for Cake Topper Base Required Back Offset

So they are mistakes- fixable beautiful mistakes that probably nobody else but me would notice- and I'm learning but I will hit perfect on this one-- I'm determined!

Ahhh-- precision made up for me error. Three base changes later- we have a working base setup-- and you get a sneak peak at piece number two- a swirly monogram!

Wedding Couple Silhouette with Monogram
Detail on Snowflake Boutonniere
Check out our boutonniere! I love the detail the laser did with the paint contrast. Super cute! Today we will be adding the groom definition and working with the rear layer- that giant snowflake that I think will still work with another base change. I'll try and post again today with the results!

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