Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Tuesday Triumph: Clamping Device


Continuing our Tuesday Triumph series I have another new old invention to share. Each Tuesday… at least for a while… I’d like to present an invention from the early 1900’s that I have pulled from old World’s Advance magazines. This was the publication that bought out and is now Popular Science. Inventions remind us to stay clever and innovative. These inventions were becoming popular alongside many events that still affect us today. Put yourself back to the time of World War I, and the sinking of the Titanic. Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity was published, and the first pop-up bread toaster was invented. It was a time before zippers and right at the start of the movie industry. I think the innovative creativity can still inspire us today, so please enjoy this Tuesday’s Triumph: Clamping Device as published by the New York Modern Pub. Co. in Vol. 30  of the World’s Advance (1915).

Clamping Device Wood Clamp from 1915

“A metal clamping device, shown in one of the sketches, is the subject of a patent secured by a Western inventor. It consists of a piece of metal made in such a form as to permit it to hold in place two pieces of wood crossing each other at right angles, and is provided with a base by which it may be screwed on another piece of wood. This clamping device should undoubtedly prove of great value in certain lines of carpentry work.”


Another one for the woodworkers- They have to have these now right? I mean it has to be available. I suppose I could make one...

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