Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Akk! Missed posting my Tuesday Triumph on Blogger- Here is Tuesday and a Half- Wrapping Paper Invention

Continuing our Tuesday Triumph series I have another new old invention to share. Each Tuesday… at least we have for a while now- presented an early 1900's invention pulled from patent applications that were shared in old World’s Advance magazines (later became Popular Science).
Inventions remind us to stay clever and innovative. I recently finished a few Sherlock Holmes novels and I imagine those early 1900's times as being full of opportunity for the next inventor. Perhaps in our old age we will look back on this time as being full of possibilities as well. I think the innovative creativity can still inspire us today, so please enjoy this Tuesday’s Triumph: Device for Wrapping Paper Rolls as published by the New York Modern Pub. Co. in Vol. 31 of the World’s Advance (1915).
Device for Wrapping Paper Rolls
Paper Roller-Upper
“Simplicity and usefulness are the two features of a recent invention of a Wisconsin inventor. His device is intended for use on wrapping paper rolls in order to save time and bother. After a piece of wrapping paper has been torn off a roll, it is usually necessary to spend a few moments in finding the new edge and starting the roll again. This is eliminated by the invention which, as is shown in one of the sketches, consists of a metal arm with a short knife edge at one end, pivoted in a suitable piece which grips on the paper knife. The arm is fitted with a spring which causes the knife edge to press against the paper roll. After a piece of paper has been torn off, it is only necessary to turn the roll in order to start a new piece.”

This is a perfect posting for this week as I was just messing with shipping several orders and dealing with the packaging and the tape and the praying that the kickball game that the warehouse workers play with my shipment at the warehouse won't damage my item! I love brown paper packaging. It sounds sort of lame but I get caught up in that old tune and start humming "one of my favorite things…" for 10 minutes after shipping. Now I wish I had this type of device for packing tape. It's constantly evading my attempts to secure the next piece… before it tapes itself…. to itself. Then you start with the fingernail scraping and pulling and eventually it always happens that you rip the next piece in half longthwise or create these micro edge strips that get tagnled up in your next attempt. Now- a dowel rod, a spring, a cut piece of wire- where's MacGuyver!

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