Saturday, March 5, 2011

Shadow Box

Just finished a shadow box engraving for a friend- I think it turned out pretty good. It made me rely on some features of the laser I've only played with before so I did several test runs with cardstock before I went at it on the final product.

My friend picked up a shadow box at a local framing shop for a baseball and wanted to have a boy's name engraved on the front so she could make a gift presentation.

The Before- Baseball Shadowbox

So then I ran a few designs on cardstock and held them up to the glass to check for placement, laser "home" settings and fit. It also allows me to run a few designs and send photos to people for final approval without messing up the final piece.

Draft placement- Baseball Shadowbox


We made a few changes to the final layout and and I set up the piece in the laser on the solid table v versus the vector one I usually keep in there in general. The more solid table allows less air to circulate the piece which is handy in some cases because for glass- you should keep it wet to avoid fracturing thr glass. For glass, this type of laser can sometimes create micro-fractures in the glass so I keep a phone book handy. The phone book pages are a great replacement for tissue paper and it comes in its own fancy organizational system- and to think I used to recycle them without even opening one! So I tear a sheet out to at least cover the area to be lased- and then I coat it with Windex. This soaks through the paper and adheres it to the glass. You can also use water or skip the paper and use a liquid dish soap. I think both of those are messy and the Windex is easy to clean up becuase it's meant to dry on glass with... yeah- no streaks! I smooth out any bubbles in the paper and I'm ready to go!


Ah- finished product. Glorious!

Finished product- Baseball Shadowbox

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