Sunday, January 16, 2011


Well about to kick-off my business full-time in the next few weeks and I've been inundating myself with books on small business marketing, how to drive traffic to websites, link-back, analytics, tracking, and about 3 dozen other "must-do" things to jump-start (or just start) a new business- all of them involving some acronym like SEO. The only problem I'm having is-- I have to do the business part at the same time. I need product! That means I'm trying to fit in design time and looking for vendors that can supply me with the high-quality substrates I need to start my laser engraving business. Yikes! A little overwhelming as I'm sure it is for any small business owner- especially a start-up anticipating the majority of sales to be on-line. There are so many materials set up for small business owners that are opening a shop in a strip mall somewhere- but what about those moms at home? I hear of so many stories of moms (or dads) that are working various businesses out  of the home. I've heard advice ranging from making it look like you aren't working out of the home to making it a feature. What techniques work the best? I've even seen those offers where you have mail-forwarding and phone reception services from an office tower suite somewhere to make it look like you are paying rent somewhere you aren't. What about the nondescript P.O. Box? Does that help or hurt your online persona? I suppose it's probably business type dependent-- have any of the above techniques worked best for you? What are the pros and cons? Post a comment and let me know! The next few articles will be focused on all of those start up must-dos like figuring out sales tax accounts, EIN numbers- do you need one?, business name registration, website domain addressing and other really really must dos. After that I'll let you learn from my mistakes as I set up these other "must do accounts" like Facebook, Twitter, improving a blog (can't say now I didn't start one), and how to schedule your time when you don't have the corporate time-clock telling you when you be where. Sounds like freedom... and responsibility. Should be entertaining at any rate- expecially the mistakes. I hope you'll join me.

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