Monday, January 24, 2011

Putting Your Product Shots in Perspective

Perspective to Scale
I got thinking the other day about some props and backdrops for some photography I’ll have to do when creating product listings and creating catalogs or gallery shots of some of the new designs and I decided I needed to come up with something familiar to show the scale of the finished object. It seems to bring needed information because sometimes a visual indicator is much more effective in relaying size than all of the caliper driven measurements you can list.
Proportions are Peculiar
The idea behind scale drawings and representative objects in photos to provide scale is to give the reviewer or buyer who is remote an idea of the relative proportions the object is. My favorite proportion depictions are on the Verizon site that I get to see whenever I drop my phone too many times and have to get a new one. They have a selection of different objects to provide scale to the phone- and they have some interesting things available to compare to. One of them is a deck of cards. I suppose most people know what a deck of cards feels like, how wide it is, how thick it is and how tall might be if you slipped a deck in your back pocket. OK- everything but that last one. The idea, I suppose, is to provide a virtual comparison to something familiar. I’m always left wondering how I could best carry around a deck of cards.
Perspective is Relative
I think we put things in perspective obviously drawing on experiences in our own lives. What if the perspective showed you someone’s passion while showcasing their latest offering. I think the Verizon photographers could be pretty creative.  In light of all of this and some of books I’ve been perusing on branding- maybe I could come up with a unique way to show product scale that adds a little whimsy to the product description. One idea is to use something from my daughter’s dollhouse. She has a bunch of these Melissa and Doug miniatures of things like lamps and turkey dinners. I think that could be cute. Creating cake toppers always puts me in the mood for cake, even if it’s a miniature. We also have a large collection of well-loved Micro-Machines. I think it would be a hoot to scale a geo-caching coin to a miniature fire truck. Maybe the dollhouse mom can do give the Vanna White treatment to a new brooch. The trick is to provide some other measure that relative to something familiar. Maybe I’ll include a deck of cards… I’d love some examples of some creative perspective. Pass along your links!

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