Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How Sesame Street Shaped My World View

So I was watching some classic Sesame Street videos and most of them pulled actual memories from the databanks. The kids looked so out of date but I remembered every word. I think the style of television in the 80's was different enough from the surrounding generations to be unique in its own right.

So this one in particular stirred up sme strong memories. I think videos like this really shaped how we all interacted as kids- put all of those current corporate etchic and harassment videos to song and dance. Part of the video showed a boy running a toy motorcylcle over a dirt mound. Are kids even allowed to have dirt mounds in the playground anymore? Mostly I see this really stinky tire shaving stuff that makes you feel like you are walking on a planet with less gravity. Interesting- but not fun to play in. I'm pretty sure I was able to consume two hours a day back then continuing in the everlasting quest to create a sand tunnel that would stay up and be large enough to allow a kid less than two feet from me meet hands in the tunnel and have an underground thumb wars battle. Yes- we were successful. I don't remember who won but I remember the dirt.

Now they say you can't have sand at the playground becuase of cats or needles or some bacteria. My kids have a sand table which is where you provide a minimum amount of sand in a safe flat bucket. You are only supposed to buy the sanitized kind and it's not possible (I just realized) to ever be deep enough to build a sand tunnel. All of the toys are neatly packaged by some other kid working in Chinese sand toy factory. I think a good new year's resolution will be to find a patch of grass to dump a bunch of sand into. Then we grab the Barbies or trucks and get our hands really really dirty.

Of course, like the constantly running engine that it is, my brain starting thinking about product ideas related to my Sesame Fest. Maybe a plaque reminding you to play with your food, an 80's translator (like, what I mean is...) or a series of engraved wall tiles with silhouettes of kids being real kids. Battery free- with thier hands up and dirty! Send me an idea and I'll hold a little contest. Best idea gets a free... well that depends on the idea! Bring it on!

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